Our Mission

To empower and enrich the futures of our disadvantaged youth.

At LAVA we feel it is our duty to provide our disadvantaged youth with opportunities for the future they would not otherwise have access to. The future of our country lies within our youth. We are dedicated to love, education and empowerment. It is our privilege at L.A.V.A. to be a part of the lives of young people and to empower them to build a better future for themselves. We are determined to be the building blocks between the youth and a long, successful life.

LAVA was formed to help the lower Adirondack region continue to grow, thrive, and be the fertile ground for the kinds of experiences and belonging of which lifelong memories are made.

LAVA’s mission is to promote prosperity in the lower Adirondack region by supporting investment in the local economy and people and inspiring others to contribute to the area’s growth and sustainability.

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